I graduated from Perpich Arts High School from the Media department, where I was able to experiment and learn about many different art forms. I learned how to code, make books, professionally print and hang my photos for a gallery, develop my own film (which I fell in love with), and the general history of photography/how a camera works. It gave me a solid foundation to start my photograpy journey - from all of the mechanical details to the art critiques held just before our galleries.

I am currently a photographer, stylist, and creative director at Ignite Models Minneapolis, where I get to work with professional models to bring my ideas to fruition. I have experince as a studio assistant, stylist, photographer, editor, creative director, and various agency tasks I preformed previous to working with Ignite. I am a full time photographer for The Golden Pearl Vintage. I shoot primarily film 35mm or 120 film, but am versed in digital photography as well. 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or would like to book a shoot with me, click here.